Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences - Rome 5-8 September 2018

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About Eurasia

HISTORICAL BACKGROUND and the Aim of the Eurasia Conference

Around 1985-86, Prof. Bernd M. Rode from the University of Innsbruck, Austria suggested with Prof. Hitoshi Ohtaki (an International Steering Committee Member of the International Conference on Solution Chemistry (ICSC)) to organize an international conference concerning solution chemistry in Thailand. However, ICSC was scheduled until 1991, and thus, it was not possible to organize the new conference in Thailand before that year. Upon invitation of Profs. Rode and Ohtaki to Prof. Ivano Bertini of Florence University, Italy, to join this first committee, the three founders discussed the matter and changed Prof. Rode's original idea, to the creation of an international conference called Eurasia Conference on Chemistry of Solutions (EuAsC2S) with the aim to deepening friendship among chemists in the Eurasian supercontinent, and supporting them with the help of chemists in other continents such as America, Canada, and Australia. This could be achieved with the organization of the international eurasia series of conferences of world-top quality and class, mainly in developing Asian countries with the participation of a world-wide friendship network. Through this conference world-leading scientists were invited, with whom scientists, especially young ones from developing countries, could exchange scientific chemical information to emphasize scientific activities in their countries. Under such a vision of the three founders, Profs. Rode, Ohtaki and Bertini, the First Eurasia Conference on Chemistry of Solutions (1st EuAsC2S) was held in Bangkok in 1988.

Eurasia Conference on Chemistry of Solutions changed its name to Eurasia Conference of Chemistry in Seoul in 1990, and then, again to Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences in 1992 in Guangzou due to its expansion to all areas of chemistry, now involved in the conference.

All previous conferences in this series were organized in Asiatic countries; the first to be organized in Europe was the 12th in Greece. This one is the second conference of the series to be organized in Europe, in Rome-Italy.

  Year Venue  IOC

 1st 1988 Bangkok
Bernd M. Rode
Salag Dhabandana  300
Attendance of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn
Nobel Laureate: J. M. Lehn
2nd 1990 Seoul
H. Ohtaki
Mu Shik Jhon  400
 Nobel Laureate: K. Fukui (Japan)
Past President of Nobel Institute: P.O. Lowdin (Sweden)
3rd  1992 Bangkok
Salag Dhabandana   430
 4th  1994 Kuala Lumpur
G. Sykes (UK)
H. Ohtaki
M. Singh  250
Nobel Laureate: Y. T. Lee (Taiwan) 
 5th  1996 Guangzhou
J. Reedijk
Kui Wang
Liang-Niang Ji 
 Nobel Laureate: J. M. Lehn
 6th  2000 Brunei Darussalam J. Webb
I. A. Rahman 150
 Post-Conference Symposium in Bangkok (by Sirirat Kokpol, Thailand)
 7th  2002 Karachi
H. Ohtaki
Atta-ur-Rahman  550
 Postponed from November, 2001
Attendance of President Mussharaf
8th 2003 Hanoi
Ho Si Thoang  800
 Joint Conference with 10th Asian Chemical Congress
Nobel Laureates: J.-M. Lehn (France), Y. T. Lee (Taiwan), and R. Noyori (Japan)
9th 2006 Antalya
H. Ohtaki
Bilge Sener    Attendance of HRH Princess Prof. Dr. Chulabhorn Mahidol
Nobel Laureate: R. HUBER (Germany)
10th 2008 Philippines H. Ohtaki
Fabian M.. Dayrit 490
Nobel Laureates: Aaron Ciechanover (Israel), Yuan Lee (USA), Hartmut Michel (Germany), Ryori Noyori (Japan) 
11th 2010 Dead Sea Amman Jordan Bernd Michael Rode
Musa Nazer   600 Nobel Laureates: Jean-Marie Lehn (France), Walter Kohn (USA) Roger Tsien (USA) 
12th 2012 Corfu
Susumu Kitagawa Nick Hadjiliadis  


Nobel Laureates: Akira Suzuki (Japan), Ada Yonath (Israel) 
13th 2014 Bangalore
14th 2016 Karachi Pakistan Michael Rode Atta-ur-Rahman  M. Iqbal Choudhary 700



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